Robert Miles - Children

Einer schließt den Himmel auf,
kommt die liebe Sonne raus.

"Liebe, liebe Sonne"


The feature of this music is clear words that saving the story into the music. The tune revealed straight from the first notes.

The words flow into the scene playing with the actors. The words turn back into the music saying the message.

Or That Was You. Or That Was Not You

The emotional code was hidden inside the "Serenade" by Austrian composer Franz Schubert.

The author had written it in 1826. Since there people do play it and do listen it.


Beautyful Soul
In blank clean space
Eternal and whole
Franz Schubert workplace


The most important is that author reaches to the beautiful. He gives himself to that unknown, cold. His heart is full of love.

His voice remains alone.



Eternal Dialog With Ludovico Einaudi

Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi is trying to describe his feelings. Composition "Fly" has sad melody.

Ludovico's Einaudi "Fly" is written in minor. It has no long story. It contains one dramatic plot that remains hidden in the author's soul. Perhaps this makes the author's sad.


The Rhythm

Volatile rhythm is the borderline. The author's vision plays with it around it. 

The freedom is in the other side. So let's go just trying enough. Step, but may be step again.


Interpretation Of Song Of Ocarina

The motherland will speak with you any feel you have, any role you play.

Song of Ocarina reproduces sweet pleasant day.

If you want to do just do it. If you want to have a science nature will help you. If you want to get a home you are at home.

Song of Ocarina has no human words. It talks with every note, every drum beat.


This is a pathetical song. Here you will not find much meaning. This is a speech of a soul that feels inside.

Thank you.

"Here Is Well"

Freeing the flow of feelings Sergei Rachmaninoff creates "Here is well" ("Zdes' khorosho").

Author's inner world is watching nature's beauty. Love is the answer. This is the love between inner and external worlds, that should rest hidden.



This song is popular, nevertheless it has classical roots. Classical cause the author is a great Russian composer. Popular cause all the people know about these feelings.



The big family came together to have a rest. Granny and grandpa visited their home today.

Margit has going to play. Without knowing her fate she sat at the piano. Here she rushed away sobbing.

"I can't!" were her words.

"I think, I can just about manage that," Jan Paderewski said watching the notes.


Ideological Foundations of "Passacaglia" by Dietrich Buxtehude

Philharmonic and music schools go classical.

The constellation of Danish composers represents a great musician Dietrich Buxtehude. He was an organist and composer of the Baroque period, lived in Germany, Wiki says.



First of all this composition gives strict musical forms, and they are complex.

"Итальянский концерт" Иоганна Себастьяна Баха

Эту музыку можно назвать искусством, потому что в большей мере произведение освобождает интеллект и сознание.

Пользуясь инструментом, исполнитель воссоздаёт обстановку, фабулу.


Ноты: http://www.notomania.ru/noty_kompozitsii.php?n=2252#


Благодаря использованию автором устойчивых невербальных единиц, концерт имеет содержание.